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The Seattle Access Group is building an application to give the participants an opportunity to observe and join in the process from design to deployment.

The project leaders, Rob Cooper and Geoff Griffith, had the idea of a restaurant application as it will provide unlimited opportunities for testing and incorporating a features and techniques. The group has suggested items that they want to see demonstrated. 

Each session includes a step-by-step walk through of selected tasks as well as a discussion of the related best practices and preferences.
Monthly downloads include the end of session application as well as those from various stages along the way. Kinda like a cooking show approach, we get to cram a lot of information into a half hour session. And yet, everyone comes away with a finished product.

The real beauty is that everyone is encouraged to use the databases to test their own ideas and bring them to the meetings. This way makes it easy to share examples and describe issues, problems, ideas and solutions!

Come on ... join us on this adventure. It's going to be a fun ride ;-)


July 2007 - Several new features -- new main menu, new employee details form and pivot chart for employee sales, added option to use command buttons with macros --- by Rob Cooper

Download  Week 9 (945 kb)

March 2007 - Menu Items - working with multiple side items; adding discounts and more, Kevin Nickel

Download  Week 8 (918 kb)

January 2007 - Menu Items - adding side items, Kevin Nickel

Download  Week 7 (883 kb)

November 2006 - Reports from Cross Tab Queries, Michael Tucker

Download  Week 6 (893 kb)  ps ... remember to change the file extension to .mdb

August 2006 - Reports Part 2, Michael Tucker

Download  Week 5 (893 kb)

July 2006 - Reports Part 1, Michael Tucker
Michael gets us started on the basic reports. We talked about what types of reports we would need/want initially and some of the things that we might add later.

Download  Week 4 (1,283 kb)

June 2006  Enhancing Forms by Rob Cooper
Rob demonstrates more tools and techniques used with forms.

Download  Week 3 (1,283 kb)

May 2006 -    MAY: Geoff  takes us through building a splash screen with a timer and option to not see this again. Heíll also explain about the typical content for the underlying table and some other start-up checks on company info, etc. Geoff will then move on to forms and subforms. Iím thinking that the discussion on form templates may wait until June.

Download  Week 2 -- 4 database files (3,129 kb)

April 2006     --  In March, we discussed the subject, goals and some of the features to be added. In April, we discussed table structure and relationships and we discussed fields, field names and properties. Files include three in-process databases as well as the final version ready for work in May.

Download  Week 1 (506 kb)

These downloads are from meeting presentations.
Please note that the files are provided AS IS and without warranty.
These resources are intended to be learning tools and starting points for developing your own solutions.
The code and information was for demonstration purposes in a controlled environment. It may not work in your situation.
Users are responsible for testing and making any appropriate modifications ;-) 
whew ... all that without consulting a lawyer <g>

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