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These downloads are from meeting presentations.
Please note that the files are provided AS IS and without warranty.
These resources are intended to be learning tools and starting points for developing your own solutions.
The code and information was for demonstration purposes in a controlled environment. It may not work in your situation.
Users are responsible for testing and making any appropriate modifications ;-)   
whew ... all that without consulting a lawyer <g>

If you are looking for materials from a recent meeting, please email your interest to Teresa --- be sure to include the info about the date, presenter and topic.

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SAG  What IP Am I Giving?  An Introduction on Intellectual Property Issues in Software Developer Agreements -- Jim Baunach - Seed IP Law Group PLLC, Seattle)  July 2012
As software developers, our focus is on creating solutions that meet a client’s needs. And, in many cases, we don't realize the implications (or even read) of all the fine print buried in contracts. We also may be giving away our work without knowing it. In conjunction with his presentation to our group, Jim pulled together some snippets of  a few license agreements that are available online. You may benefit from reviewing the terms. Download pdf file.

Jim Baunach is a patent attorney specializing in intellectual property issues facing those innovating in software-related areas including mobile technologies, networking applications, database systems, cloud computing, social media, and other web-based systems.  He represents clients through all phases of growth from the idea and start-up stage to established market leaders. Before becoming an attorney, Jim worked as a software engineer.

PNWADG Migrate to SharePoint by George Hepworth - April 2012

Front End Updater by Marc Hester - April 2012

References On Demand - By Michael Kaplan - April 2012

SAG - March 20, 2012
Document Access Databases and Excel Workbooks  by Crystal Long, Access MVP
Discussions, demos and links to a host of tools and resources for Access developers. Over her years in database development and providing support and training to her customers, Crystal has free videos for learning Access and a free book
You can also see Crystal's random selector tool and find resources for working with Excel from Bill Jelen’s podcasts and books – including several that can be invaluable tools in Access projects – such as the random number selector.  Visit the website,  or check out the blog and videos.

Automation Demo by F. Scott Barker .. Feb 2012

SAG and PNWADG August 2011 Sam Huffman, Project MVP -
            Project Management Techniques and Styles -- AGILE
Sam has provided some of the files used during his presentation -- and a few extra to help us learn and incorporate some of the techniques that we discussed.  There is a backlog and burn down XL file included that I did not use, but is a great example put forward by Richard Banks (another MVP). Richard has a great blog site regarding Agile development - that is in an easy to follow, self-explanatory format.
Download Sam's Files 

So, now that you've learned some of the fundamentals, you also have the tools and reference material to get started.

PNWADG November 2010  Comparing and Selecting the Data Platform by Armen Stein, Access MVP and President of J Street Technology
options for database architecture continue to expand. Should you use Access, SQL Server, ASP.NET, SharePoint, or a different platform? The appropriate fit and combination may vary based on current and anticipated needs. Armen will review several common architectures and discuss the scenarios they may serve best. We'll also allow time for discussion so that you can ask questions to help determine what may work best for your projects.
Download the slide deck
(ppsx file)

Seattle Access Group November 2010, Tips and Techniques from George Hepworth, Access MVP,
Files from three demonstrations:  All or One; Previous Week Day; and Scratch Update Tables.

“All or one; one or All.” Many developers have implemented variations of the “Cascading Combo Box” technique, in which an “upstream” combo box is used to filter choices in a “downstream” combo box in order to limit the number of choices displayed in the filtered combo box. For example, the upstream combo might be a list of Groups. When a group is selected, the downstream combo box is filtered to show only members of that group. But sometimes you want to see ALL of the members, not just those belonging to the selected group.
    a.       George will demonstrate a technique to offer an additional “All” choice  
           in a cascading combo box so the user can select any single item to filter  
           on, or select All to show everything.
     b.       This implementation requires a single line of code on the “Enter” event
           of the “downstream”, or filtered combo box.

2.       “That was due LAST Friday, wasn’t it?” Did you ever need to send out a report on a specific day, but you weren’t able to send it on the right day? That’s not usually a big problem, except when there is date logic in the report that is supposed to select records from the preceding week  -- and the date logic uses an expression like “DateAdd(“d”, -7, Date()) to filter the report. If you don’t send it on Monday, as required, the results will not be what people are expecting.
     a.  George will show us a small User Defined Function (UDF) that allows you
           to send the report for the correct time period, regardless of which day you
           actually send the report (within reason, of course).

3.  “You scratch my database and I’ll scratch yours”. If you need to use a lot of temp tables in your database, you know that bloating is a problem.
     a.   George will demonstrate a way to create a “scratch” database into which
           you can dump all your temp tables and clean them up after you’re done.

Download folder contains three zipped files that have Access mdb files.

PNWADG October 2010: Leveraging BING with Access by Rob Cooper, former Microsoft Access and now on BING
As a lead on the Microsoft Access test team, Rob developed an intimate familiarity with many of the new features in Access 2007 and 2010, such as the Ribbon, macros, Backstage, and web controls. With his recent move to the BING team, Rob is expanding his expertise. In tonight’s presentation, Rob will show us some ways to use BING with Access. In the first segment, he will show us how to use the web browser control for web searches, maps and weather. After that, Rob will demonstrate how to leverage web service API calls to issue queries to BING.         Members may request presentation files


Presentations from Prior Years

Intro to Recordsets - Julie C, SAG July 14, 2009

Download (216 Kb)     
Clinical CR Example - Zipped mdb file

Reworking an Access Solution, Marc Hester, SAG June 9, 2009

Download (19 Kb)     
Clinical CR Example - Zipped mdb file
Download (59 Kb)      Calendar Report - Zipped mdb file

My First Code -- David Antonsen, SAG May 12, 2009

Download (195 Kb)     
Zipped mdb file

Programmatically Change Table and Form Properties -- David Antonsen, PNWADG Jan 20, 2009

Download (110 Kb)     
Zipped mdb file

User Defined Functions -- Doug Yudovich, SAG, January 13, 2009 

 Download (87kb)    Zipped text file

Passing Data between Non-modal Forms -- Patrick Jackman, PNWADG December 16, 2008 

 Download (3kb)    Zipped text file

Conditional Fields Demo -- David Self PNWADG December 16, 2008 

 Download (78kb)    Zipped demo file

Ribbon Customizations Made Easy -- Leverage Existing Tools and Create Custom Commands
Mike Sullivan, SAG December 9, 2008 

 Download (40kb)    Outline and Database files

Life Cycle Management -- Team Foundation Server - Source Control, Version Control, Task Mgmt
Rich Hundhausen, PNWADG September 16, 2008 

 Download (1.8MB)    PowerPoint Deck and Database files

Access with SQL Server -- Coding for Concurrent Transactions
Mary Chipman, PNWADG March 18, 2008 

 Download (625kb)    PowerPoint Deck and Database files

Query By Form - Multi Select
Tom Wickerath, February 12, 2008

 Download (269kb)    Using Multi-Select Options; Word doc and mdb

Query By Form
Tom Wickerath, January 8, 2008

 Download (141kb)    Mike Hernandez paper - Using Your Own Custom Dialog Box

Temporary Work Tables --
Tom Wickerath, October 9,  2007

 Download (28kb)    Word doc and Support Files

Access 2007 Macros - How and When to Use Them --
Tim Getsch, SAG September 11 2007    -- 

 Download (54kb)    PowerPoint Deck

Primary vs Surrogate Keys --
Doug Yudovich, SAG August 14 2007    -- 

 Download (90kb)    PowerPoint Deck and Database

VBA Basics -- plus bonus discussion on Arrays by
Rob Cooper, SAG July 10 2007    -- 

 Download (129 kb)    PowerPoint Deck and Database

Data Collection using Outlook by Mike Sullivan, SAG June 12, 2007    -- 

 Download (72 kb)    PowerPoint Deck

SQL Server 2005 Express by Armen Stein, PNWADG April 17, 2007    -- 

 Download (2,306 kb)    Sample Database File

Virtual PC Lab Notes and PP files by Chris Kinsman, April 10, 2007   -- 

  Files and Word Doc --- promised by attendee

Form Navigation by Kevin Nickel, March 2007    -- 

 Download (259 kb)    Database File

DAO - Back To Basics Compilation/Demo by Tom Wickerath, Jan/Feb 2007    -- 

 Download (448 kb)    App and Word Doc

Compilation of Tools by Tom Wickerath, October 2006    -- 

 Download  (656 kb)  slides

Backup and Recovery by Geoff Griffith, June 2006    -- 

 Download  (299 kb)  slides  

Normalization by Grover Park George, May 2006    -- 

 Download  (95 kb)  slides  --
Updated June 16, 2006

DAO for Smarties, Rob Cooper, April 2006    -- 

Download  (506 kb)

Building Useful Libraries, Rob Cooper, March 2006 --

Download  (1,197 kb)

Massaging Data, Teresa Hennig and Randy Weers, January and February 2006    --  Thinking through the process, creating queries and then automating selected tasks.

Download  (71 kb)

Analyzing Inherited Databases, Tom Wickerath, June 2005

Download  (34 kb)

Quick Demo for Enabling Command UI,  Zac Woodall,  April 2005

Download  (27 kb)

Adapted for '97 and 2000/2002, Tom Wickerath, May 2005

Download  (51 kb)

Managing Database Projects by Armen Stein, J Street Technology, Oct 2004

Download  (52 kb)

Debugging, mdb and PPS by Rob Cooper, Sept 2004

Download  (83 kb)

Requirement Gathering and Design Standards by Annette Kessler, Aug 2004

Download  (83 kb)

Not In List - Detailed Instructions by Tom Wickerath,

Download (16 kb)

Cross Tab Queries  
Tom has provided updated material at the following link ...
You may want to peruse for other tips and tricks.

Crosstab Queries

Lou Knight's PowerPoint Search Form presentation from October 2001 meeting

Download  (965 kb)

Armen Stein's Tree Copy Example from the September 2001 meeting

Download (zipped - 48 kb)

Understanding Normalization by Michael Hernandez, November 2002

Download (zipped PDF file 487 kb)

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