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Microsoft Hotfixes, Service Packs and Security Info for Access, Office and Windows

Reading this is a GOOD sign  -- you're likely security conscious and are willing to invest the time into protecting your files and your computer. Hopefully, you are also sharing your good sense with others. I strongly recommend using Microsoft's auto-update features as well as their anti-spyware software. Even in the beta state, it has been rating as one of the best available. There are links on this page as well as on the Security Issues page.

Below are links to Service Packs and to cumulative lists of hotfix articles. A published hotfix is a supported fix, but it has not been fully regression tested and should be applied only to systems experiencing the specific problem. Unless you are severely affected by this specific problem, Microsoft recommends that you wait for the next service pack that contains this fix. You may contact Microsoft Product Support Services for more information.

Because hotfixes have not been fully regression tested, there is a chance that the application of a hotfix could have undesirable side effects. Not all fixes are available for public download, and it may be necessary to call Microsoft Product Support Services to obtain the fix. For more information on each issue and its availability, please see the specific Microsoft Knowledge Base article.

You will find additional information and links on the Knowledge Base Articles page.
Please also visit the Security page for information about Office and Windows security patches and critical updates.

Latest Updates and Security Patches

Office 2003 SP3 ... Issues and Hot Fix Links
For every action, there is an equal reaction. And, sometimes it is not as desirable as we would like. This is certainly the case with Office 2003 SP3, which provided some valuable fixes and updates, but also wreaked havoc on other features. To that end, Microsoft has provided a hotfix.
Allen Browne, Microsoft MVP, shares some info about review some of the Access bugs introduced by SP 3.

Office 2007 SP1
The Office 2007 Service Pack 1 includes security, stability and performance improvements based on customer-requests and on user input received via the Microsoft Online Crash Analysis tool. This service pack also includes all of the updates released for the 2007 Office suite prior to December of 2007. For more information and to
download SP1 for Office 2007

Windows Vista Service Pack 1
If you’re using Vista, you’ll want to install SP1.  SP1 addresses specific reliability and performance issues, provides support for new types of hardware, and adds support for several new technologies. SP1 also addresses some management, deployment, and support challenges.  Info and Download

Office 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2)  (Added 10/10/2005)
If you are using Office 2003, PLEASE download and install SP2! It contains significant security enhancements, as well as providing improved stability and performance. SP2 is a comprehensive package that includes new and previously released updates. So, just use SP2 and you’ll get it all in one fell swoop, even SP1.;displaylang=en&familyid=57e27a97-2db6-4654-9db6-ec7d5b4dd867&displaylang=en

Install Critical Windows Updates

Download the latest critical update t
o help protect your PC against Download.Ject.

Register for Microsoft Security Bulletin Service

Windows XP Service Pack 2 –
PLEASE install Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack (SP2) as soon as possible. If you don't want to download the Service Pack, you can order CDs free of charge. Either way, just go to

Windows XP Service Pack 2 resources for IT Professionals
This also provides installation instructions for networks.

Download the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Platform SDK RC1
Ensure that you have the latest documentation, samples, header files, libraries, and tools.
* Download the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Code Demos
* How to Enable SQL Server Connectivity on Windows XP Service Pack 2
* How to Manually Enable TCP/IP on Windows XP Service Pack 2 for SQL Server 2000

 Security Articles for Windows XP SP2

Scrolling Down VB Lane   (Added 1/30/2005)
Wouldn’t it be nice to use the scroll wheel in the VBA Editor window. Well, thanks to Marc, we can now easily download IP4. Presumably this will work with all operating systems except for Windows Server 2003.
Download IP4

Disable the Close Button (X) on the Access Application Window
We’ve all witnessed someone close Access when they really wanted to just close a form. This KB article explains how to disable the Close Button for Access 2000.

Files, files and More Files
We all need to effectively manage files and folders, so here are some tips for working with Office 2003 files and folders.

Office Update automatic detection tool  find out if these updates are suitable for your Office products. Go to the Office Downloads site at and click "Check for Updates" to get the latest Office updates for your computer. You can then review the list and select the updates that you want to install!

Outlook 2003 and Business Contact Manager
Harness the amazing power of Business Contact Manager to track contacts, accounts, and sales opportunities. Get some insights from Microsoft's demo at   Manage your business relationships and forecast sales in a single application with Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager. Track prospects and customer interactions, use the built-in reports to create forecasts, track sales, account history, and neglected accounts.

Tool Time Anyone?
Not that any of you like to experiment or expand your options … But, perhaps you just like some Power Toys??

Windows XP Post-SP1a Hotfixes  (added 6/30/03)

Office 2003 SP-1 New Office Updates are Available --- July 27, 2004
provides links to several updates that will increase the security, stability, and performance of your Office products.

How about Adding Punch to your Presentations and/or Sales Tools.
Perhaps you’ll find useful tools with this PowerPoint 2003/2002 Add-in: Office Animation Runtime

Microsoft Product Support's Reporting Tools
These tools will help you collect the appropriate information prior to calling Microsoft Product Support – our your own support team for that matter.  The Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool facilitates the gathering of critical system and logging information used in troubleshooting support issues. The reporting tool DOES NOT make any registry changes or modifications to the operating system. There are 8 specialty versions, so this is a good time to actually review the readme.txt files.

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