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Legacy data below:

STOP the Spread of Viruses and Malware    Use ... 
Ensure that your computers are not and do not become infected with any of the strains of Win32Conflicker virus.  Microsoft is providing several links and resources to mitigate the threat. It is up to the USERS to do their part.
Business and IT information        Individuals information
Read security bulletin  MS08-067
Get the Malicious Software Removal Tool!! DO IT!
Learn about Win32/Conflicker.b
Microsoft Support information on Conflicker.B worm KB962007
In addition to AUTO UPDATES, be a prudent user, and run a MANUAL check for updates at least monthly.

Updates and Service Packs for Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2007.
These updates and service packs provide critical security updates, valuable feature enhancements and fix a mulitude of other issues. If you're wondering why features don't work the same way on different machines, it may be due to variations in installations and updates.  Remember that this year we also had a hot fix for Access 2003!

The following links/KB articles provide security updates associated with preventing arbitrary code from running after opening a file with maliciously modified code and with preventing remote code execution.

Office XP Service Pack 3
Office XP Service Pack 3 (KB953405) 

Office 2003
Office 2003 Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3 (KB953404) 

Office 2003 Service Pack 2  or Service Pack 3 (KB954478) 
Office 2007
Office 2007 and Office 2007 Service Pack 1 (KB951944)
Office 2007 Office 2007 Service Pack 1 (KB954326)

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 – Released 2/26/08 (March 2008)
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 contains changes focused on addressing specific reliability and performance issues, supporting new types of hardware, and adding support for several emerging standards. In addition to previously released updates, Windows Vista SP1 also addresses some management, deployment, and support challenges.

Express Editions of Visual Studio and SQL Server  

Free downloads and the license extends after the first year. Get the links  ...  PLUS, links to new feature packs, online training, trial versions and a some FAQ's from our members.

Office 12 – Read all about it
What is the newest standard output file format for Office applications?  PDF!  That’s right, Office 12 will allow users to create PDF files as easily as they select a printer. Learn more at

Office 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2)

If you are using Office 2003, PLEASE download and install SP2! It contains significant security enhancements, as well as providing improved stability and performance. SP2 is a comprehensive package that includes new and previously released updates. So, just use SP2 and you’ll get it all in one fell swoop, even SP1. 

Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006
If you are a MS Partner, then get qualified as a Small Business Specialist and earn a FREE for resale copy of Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006. They are even offering a free web-seminar on October 26th to help you learn about the key features and benefits of this awesome new accounting program.

Publisher 2003 Trial 
Set aside some time and then order your 30-day trial CD kit to design, create, and publish professional marketing and communication materials. Let’s see some NEW business cards!!


Row Level Locking and DAO  KB 275561 and
Jet 4.0 Row-Level Locking Is Not Available with DAO 3.60   Q 306435  
Trevor shared an interesting aspect about DAO and row level locking. Since your apps may be affected, you may be interested in these two KB articles and the MSDN article.

And, in follow-up to our meeting discussions, Michael Kaplan posted the following

Working With Indexes and Jet's ShowPlan (9/10/2005)
At the August 2005 meeting, we discussed several issues dealing indexes and how to make them more effective.
Tom has provided a couple of articles. Adding Indexes and Jet's Show Plan.

Snapshot Viewer is Back!
The Snapshot Viewer enables you to view a report snapshot without having the standard or run-time versions of Microsoft Access 97, Access 2000, or Access 2002.The new Snapshot viewer should be downloadable from either:
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=B73DF33F-6D74-423D-8274-8B7E6313EDFB&displaylang=en and from http://www.microsoft.com/accessdev/articles/snapshot.htm?&gssnb=1

Access 2002 Snapshot Viewer Security Patch: KB826293 / Access 2000 Snapshot Viewer Security Patch: KB826292 These updates address a flaw in the Microsoft Access Snapshot Viewer that could allow arbitrary code to run when viewing a maliciously crafted document. These updates resolve the vulnerability so that Microsoft Access Snapshot Viewer files are handled appropriately. Note: at the time of this update the articles were not available (grrrr .... ) However, if you go the the Go to the Product Updates site and click "Go" to get the latest Office updates for your computer, the patch for Snapshot viewer will be listed if you need it.

Dealing with Printer Settings
MSDN Technical Article, Programming Printer Settings in Microsoft Access 2002 
KB 142388  How To Change WIN.INI Printer Settings from VB Using Windows API

Chapter 10: Controlling Your Printer; Microsoft® Access 95 Developer's Handbook™ by permission of SYBEX Inc  Litwin and Getz

Debugging and Incorporating Code, Peter C provided the following references (July '03)

bullet OFFXP: Programming Resources for Visual Basic for Applications
bullet Q283115 - ACC2002: References to Set When Working with Microsoft Access
bullet Q286300 - ACC2002: How Access 2002 Resolves VBA References
bullet Q283806 - ACC2002: VBA Functions Break in Database w/ Missing References
bullet Article 300216: How To Keep a Jet 4.0 Database in Top Working Condition
bullet Article 283849: ACC2002,  How to Troubleshoot and Repair a Damaged Access 2002 Database
bullet Article 210143: ACC2000, Tips for Debugging Visual Basic for Applications Code

Ways to Obtain Microsoft Product Support. This is a good starting point for KB articles, software downloads, getting to product support centers, getting contact info and more.

Compare Office 2003 to previous versions

810415 Access 2002 Format Database Bloat Is Not Stopped by Compacting

811679 PRB: "Setup Error 825" Error Appears When You Install Total Seminars A+

246634 ACC97: Invalid Page Fault in Text Import Wizard

30458 ACC2000: Error Message: Error Accessing File. Network Connection May Have Been Lost.  Note: There are reported issues/problems that Office 2000 SP3 may cause if you have applications that automate Outlook.

312564 Off2000: FAQ About Office 2000 Service Releases, Service Packs and Updates
This also provides information about getting the CD with SP3 and SR1.
Note: there may be issues with automating Outlook after installing SP3.

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