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Office Updates and Security Patches

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-001 (Jan 2006)
Patch to protect against vulnerability via WMF files and other graphics rendering. Please ensure that this patch is installed on ALL computers running Windows. This page provides information about the patch and identifies the appropriate file for your system.

Security Watch …. A guide to Wireless Security.

Ahh the convenience of tapping into your network to review files with your client in the comfortable atmosphere of the latte lobby. It’s not so wonderful if you unduly expose your files and your network to malicious hackers.
A few prudent precautions provide protection and peace-of-mind.

Microsoft Outlook and Exchange – Security Update (Jan 18, 2006)
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-003
PLEASE ensure that you and everyone you know that might be affected have downloaded and installed the appropriate updates. Of course, I’m a STRONG ADVOCATE of automatic updates, but this is one of those times when it is worth double checking to ensure protection.

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (Jan 2006)
Getting rid of a computer virus can be faster than getting over the flu, especially if you utilize Microsoft’s tool to identify and remove infections. This is a great compliment when used in conjunction with anti-virus software. Be sure to get the updates which are released the second Tuesday of every month
. KB890830

Windows XP  SP2 ...
If you haven't installed it, DO SO NOW!!
PLEASE take a few minutes and install Windows XP SP2 (ok ... It will take longer than that, but you can be doing other things!)

Sign up for Automatic Updates!   
Using the Office Update automatic detection tool on the Office Downloads site, you can find out what updates are suitable for your Office products. Go to the Office Downloads site and click "Check for Updates" to get the latest Office updates for your computer.

Automatic Security Updates … The easy way!
Make life easy … I want automatic updates, automatic payments and instant energy … Ok .. reality check. At least we can all benefit from automatic Office and security updates. Follow the links on this page to learn about automatic updates, current issues and as much techno garbo as you want.

Security Update for Internet Explorer
IE is our window to the world and pivotal to our daily activities. So, be good to yourself and stay current with updates. Just in case you’ve missed any,  KB905915 provides the cumulative updates for IE based on Windows XP Service Pack 2. 

Server Security!  For You and Your Clients!
A wealth of information and resources that can help you increase the security of your server systems in a small business.

Security software: Downloads and Trials
Download antivirus software, firewalls, spyware removal tools, and more to improve the security of your computer and to help keep it running smoothly.

Protect your Laptop
Mobility increases productivity, but it also increases risks of data theft and loss. Read about 4 ways to protect yourself and your company.

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool  (KB890830)
This tool checks your computer for infection by specific, prevalent malicious software (including Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom) and helps to remove the infection if it is found. Microsoft will release an updated version of this tool on the second Tuesday of each month. 

Virus Protection and Security Checklist … 10 Steps to Help Keep Your Business Secure
We all need help keeping up our defenses against the constant barrage of threats. Hopefully, you are finding useful information from the links in these announcements.  

Protection From Phishing (1-9-06)
We need all the help that we can get to protect ourselves from identity theft. Conservatively, over 57 million people I the US have been exposed to Phishing scams. Don’t be a victim!
Microsoft Phishing Filter helps identify fraudulent Web sites before you visit them and offers dynamic screening to help protect against online data theft.

A Tip to Share … Protect Your PC at Home…
This is a great time of year for sharing with friends. So, how about sharing this link with your friends, because the last thing you want to share, is a virus or other problem.

5 keys to improving your online security
Learn how to protect your computer, watch out for e-mail scams, run anti-spyware software, use strong passwords, and back up your important information.

Anatomy of a Hack: How a Criminal Might Infiltrate Your Network
An interesting article that many of you might appreciate reading.

Don't be 'spoofed': Recognize genuine e-mail
There are ways to spot the imposters. Here's how to verify that a Microsoft security-related message is legitimate.

Antivirus Defense-in-Depth Guide Updated

The Microsoft Office Downloads  (added 9/18-2004)
If you aren't using the automatic update service, at least avail yourself of the opportunity to selective install updates! You may visit the Microsoft Office Downloads site to see a list of (recently released) updates. Think about it, this isn't just about YOU it's about everyone that you (your work/your computer) interacts with! hosts free* updates that you can download to increase the security, stability, and performance of your Office products.  In addition to the updates, there are links to related KB (Knowledge Base) articles.  Current updates are available for various Office 2000, 2002 and 2003 products.

Computer Security and Privacy Basics for the Home User provides guidance and lines to help protect your personal computer security.

Computer Security for the Home User (Jan 2006)
You can finally find information about prudent process to protecting your computer while online. Instructions and guidance are in an easy to understand, family friendly format. The forum allows users to browse through posted messages and even ask seek the assistance of Microsoft MVP’s

Notices.  Microsoft offers several services to help minimize the risks of security vulnerabilities in your computing environment. The following services disseminate announcements on the latest software updates and the latest security notifications. Subscribing to these will help protect your computers from worms and viruses.
The Windows Update Service


The NYXEM E mass-mailing Worm that has the potential to DELETE important documents from your PC! It has the capability to send itself to every email address in your address book and in dozens of other files. This is a NASTY and POWERFUL virus. PLEASE take action to prevent it's spread.

This worm can hit and destroy a computer running on just about any version of Windows, from Windows 95 through Windows Server 2003.

* Don't open attachments without reconfirming their authenticity with the sender.
* Install anti-virus software. Use the Automatic Update Feature AND manually check for, and install updates daily!
* Warn your friends, co-workers and everyone you know.
* If a computer is infected, If your computer is infected, try one of the Removal Tools:

If you aren't scared yet, read a little bit about what this worm.
The worm has a dangerous payload. It will wait for the third of the month and then delete your computer files!!!
- It will attempt to turns off anti-virus applications protecting your system!
- It can gather e-mail addresses from files on your computer. Then, it will perpetuate the process by sending itself to ALL email addresses it found.
- It will disguise itself by varying the email subject line.
- It  will forges the sender's email address. So people think that they are receiving legitimate email from friends and business associates.
- It will send emails with attachments of executable files or MIME files containing executable files.   
         Possible file types and extensions include PIF files and a wide
         assortment of MIME file names and extensions.
- It can use its own emailing engine so it does NOT need Outlook Express, etc.
- It can download code from the internet -- There is no telling what that might contain!
- It can share your files and information.
- It can delete files from your computer Registry. Such as:
- It can disable the mouse and keyboard on infected machines.
        Great .... now what are you going to do?? No way to get control back!
- One computer is an appetizer. Just wait till it spreads to your network shares...

Take your pick of names ... As with other viruses, each company seems to give it a name. The important thing is to TAKE ACTION to prevent the spread and ensuing damage.
CME-24, Win32.Blackmal.F


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