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Welcome to Seattle Access
A Forum for Microsoft Access Users and Developers 
Your source for meeting information, newsletters and presentation content for

the Seattle Access Group  (meeting info) 
and the
Pacific Northwest Access Developer Group (meeting info)

 Items For Immediate Attention
t t and Tim Getscht  t
New host of the SAG and PNWADG
 6727 185th AVE NE, Redmond, WA. 

Registration begins at 6
Meetings start at 6:15 PM ... PNWADG wraps up about 9:30
Pizza and networking break starts between 7:30 and 7:40

          ll  April Features ll

6:30 Upsizing to SQL Server - by Willie McClure, Datarim, April 16, 2014

Details below

~7:45 Show and Share our Favorite Tools and Techniques 
        - so bring YOUR demos!! 
Details below
 - Send Automated Emails without Security Warning By Vicki Schweickart
Custom Upsizing Tools -- From Access to SQL Server, by Willie McClure
-  Other topics and presenters to be announced on Wednesday  -- 
It’s time to Show n Share - so bring your laptop and files.    Pre-Register your demo

New Access Team Blog -- Focused on Support Issues (April 2014)
We have another resource for researching and resolving issues that have been reported to the Microsoft Access team.  This blog will share posts by the Microsoft Access support team about issues that they are/have been working on.  It’s a little bit of a “one way street”  - in that the topics and content are selected and provided by the team, but you can have confidence in the content when you are trying to resolve an issue that they have covered. So … you can add this to your list of Favorites >> Access Resources

Need Test Data -- Check out (April 2014)
Open source tool that allows you to generate limited or large volumes of data in a variety of formats.  In addition to the free tool, you may also choose to make a donation and leverage their resources to generate up to 5,000 records at a time.   This is used and recommended by fellow Access MVPs, so let me know what you think … ;~S

PAUG 2014 Database Designer International Conference at Silver Falls (April 2014)
Sold out for 2014 --- so mark your calendar for 2015 registration -- opens 1/1/2015.

Several new links to Training, Conference sessions and other resources -
Details Below and at
Anyone can build a SharePoint App with Microsoft AccessAnyone can build a SharePoint App with Microsoft Access  (from SPC204)
*Rich extensions to SharePoint Apps using Microsoft Access (from SPC335)
*The 'how to' guide for selling and managing SharePoint Apps built using Access (from SPC338)
*Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms (from SPC 348)
*Virtualizing your data center with Hyper-V and System Center
*Success with Hybrid Cloud
*Digital Copyright Template

ll Upcoming Presentations ll

Harnessing the Power of Queries - Leveraging subqueries and worktables
Demos of Current Projects -- Likely, four 15 minute demos to show, share and ask … How about YOU??
Indexes -- leveraging Access features to optimize performance
Third Party Tools -- Short demos and discussions of YOUR favorites. We need a few volunteers. Ready to sign up?

Logical Database Design – Building Sound Table Structures,
By Mike Hernandez, Consultant, Trainer, Presenter, Renaissance Man


Bring your laptop or files so that you can share with the group:
t Q&A -- Bring your questions, database files.
t TIPS -- Share a favorite or new technique or tip.
Web Apps -- Working on a Web App? Share your questions, highlights and goals with the group.
t Windows 8 Features and Apps - Share your “favorites” with the group,

                     Have a presentation suggestion or request?
Email topic suggestions and details to

      t Professional Access 2013 Programming  t
by Teresa Hennig, Ben Clothier, George Hepworth, Doug Yudovich !!!!!
Order our Access 2013 book from Wiley
ll   BOOK SIGNING -- Professional Access 2013 Programming!! ll
The books are HERE! … 8 Winners received signed copies at the meeting ;~S  You can also request your signed copy from Teresa or check out the book at:
            Excerpt from announcement
“This was truly an MVP achievement!!!  We must have set a record for the number of Access MVPs on a book team -- including many of you. As more people were recruited to ensure the caliber and content, I created new roles and convinced the publisher they are such an integral part of this team that they should ALL have their bios in the book!   You’ve GOT TO check them out!!!  Here’s the team … do you recognize everyone???
              An excerpt from the Intro:
Written by a team of Microsoft Access MVPs, this book leverages our expertise and passion for Access. In expanding the reach of Access, we incorporated the knowledge and experience of over a dozen experts to consult, test, and provide examples working with SharePoint, SQL Server, .NET, and web development. And to make sure that we could provide a model for a robust business solution, we worked closely with the Microsoft Access team to be at the forefront of defining, testing, and implementing the new features for Access 2013 web apps.

t t Calendar Year Dues -- $30/group or $45 Both groups  t t

Annual membership is only $30 for one group and $45 for both groups! That’s right -- BOGO 50% off!!! This may be the deal of the decade. The cost of dual membership is LESS than it was in 2008 -- but the value of the tips, tools, resources and networking is *priceless.*

Dues may be paid at the meeting or contact Teresa for mailing instructions.
          …  Paid Members participate in Drawings and Product Reviews! Please make checks payable to PNWADG and use the memo line to identify the member name and group(s).

Tips and Discussions and Events

Office 365 Home --  $99/year for five installs!  
Feb 2014
Wondering what that includes?  A picture’s worth a thousand words …

YES … ACCESS!!!!   And Yes, that is Skype to landline calls … So, what are you waiting for?

Download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 

   Get the full featured version for a 60 day trial period. Download

Digital Copyright Template by Tech Pro Research  (March 2014)
We are awash with digital programs and content to support always-on connectivity, the blending of consumer/business devices and increased local/remote storage capacities. The Tech Pro Research digital copyright policy will help organizations seeking to set guidelines for digital programs and content.

*Anyone can build a SharePoint App with Microsoft Access (from SPC204)   (March 2014)
Come to this session to learn how power users can easily and quickly build SharePoint apps with a full SQL back end without writing any code. You’ll learn how to create rich UI SharePoint apps using Access with low to no involvement or impact from IT. 

*The 'how to' guide for selling and managing SharePoint Apps built using Access (from SPC338) (March 2014)
SharePoint applications created by Access are real SharePoint apps that you now can put in the Office Store. These no-code data centric web apps are part of Office 365. To make the publishing of these apps complete, Access has added features to help you deploy upgrades to existing apps. So you can deploy new versions of an app in production without losing their data. See a demoin the session video.

*Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms (from SPC 348) (March 2014)
This InfoPath session shows some of the Access team’s very early work in this space with Access. It provides an introduction to the vision and roadmap for the Office Forms

* Microsoft Virtual Academy - Free Course (March 2014)
Virtualizing your data center with Hyper-V and System Center  -
Learn how
Whether you’re new to virtualization or have some experience, explore this free online training to build your infrastructure from the ground up on the Microsoft stack using System Center (IT Focus).

* Learn about Hybrid Solutions (March 2014)
Success with Hybrid Cloud

Workload spikes can wreak havoc on your organization’s infrastructure. Learn about a Hybrid technique called cloud bursting that allows the enterprise to expand its capacity and get started with Windows Azure.       Read more              Start your Windows Azure trial

Veeam -- Modern Data Protection™
-- Feb 2014
Whether you use VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or a combination of both, Veeam® Backup™ Free Edition is a perfect fit for your environment. No matter how you do regular backups, Veeam Backup Free Edition is the must-have tool for managing your VMs.

 Wondering if you need business insurance?  Feb 2014
We’ve had this topic come up in the past, so I’ll take this opportunity to share some excerpts from a discussion where George Hepworth shared some of his knowledge based on his experience of writing training materials for an insurance company. Things to consider:
1.       There is a difference between commercial general liability coverage and Errors & Omissions coverage.
      Commercial liability coverage protects against things like starting a fire that destroys a customer’s premises. However, it will not pay nor provide legal defense if when sued for defects in software you deliver to that client.
      Your E & O coverage will protect you against lawsuits for things like failure to deliver the software you contracted to provide as well as defects in that software.
       Every business (likely) needs commercial liability coverage; professionals providing services may also need E & O.
       Personal liability coverage typically excludes any claims arising out of providing professional services; you need commercial and E&O coverage regardless of whether you have any personal coverage.
       At times, the legal defense provision of liability coverage can be at least as valuable as the indemnification provision. That’s because the insurance company will either:
       pay a claim (up to the limit of insurance) on behalf of a policyholder when it deems the claim to be valid, or
      provide legal counsel to defend the policyholder if it deems a claim to be invalid.
The amount spent on such defense can be considerable and is separate from and in addition to any judgment amount awarded against you by a court. That’s good and bad, of course. There is an incentive for the insurance company to minimize its overall costs (defense + indemnification), so the insurer may settle a claim against a policyholder rather than drag it out in court while the lawyers’ fees spiral. The indemnification amount is often less than it would cost to go to court, where you’d still risk losing the case—and have to pay the claim-- anyway after incurring huge legal bills.
       If a client requires you to provide proof of insurance, it might be good to clarify whether they are interested in general commercial liability or E&O coverage. The former won’t help you if your database causes loss of income due to inadequacy in design or development.  The latter will.
Thank you George.

Access Blog – by the Access Team --- one of the top blogs on MSDN!!!
Stay tuned to the community … The team shares insights into their schedule, their favorite features, new features and how to use them. This is also an ideal avenue for the team to talk about issues that are of interest to the Access community. You’ll learn about the people and some of the factors that are helping to shape the future of Access. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just learning about Access, you’ll find invaluable information and techniques.  From creating a database template to getting help when you need it, The Access Blog covers the gamut.

Meeting Files and Materials
Presenters are encouraged to provide slides, demos and other files that members can download from the SAG website. These can be excellent resources for learning about new features or techniques and figuring out how to incorporate them into projects. If files or links are available, they will be posted on the Seattle Access website.
As we gain experience with Live Meeting, we will record and share links to select sessions.


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         Standard Monthly Meeting Format

In general, each group will have about 75 minutes for their meeting; including general announcements, Q&A, and the main presentation. In order to best server our members and presenters, the start and end times will vary based on the specific circumstances.
We invite everyone to join us for pizza and networking. Dues are voluntary and help offset meeting costs. We ask those who have not paid dues to contribute $5 per evening.

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        Downloads and Resources - Lots of new Links

Access 2010 Programmer's Reference
By Teresa Hennig, Rob Cooper, Geoffrey Griffith and Jerry Dennison, contributors and editors, Armen Stein, Jeff Boyce, Albert Kallal, Doug Yudovich, Ben Clothier. Tips contributed from our esteemed colleagues Dane Miller, Garry Robinson, Steve Schapel, and Larry Strange.

Contact Teresa for a signed copy -- or order from Amazon with Teresa’s link.

Limited Time Offer for a Free Chapter
Chapter 7, Using VBA in Access
(provided by Wiley Publishing, who retains the copyrights for this work.)

This book focused primarily on traditional Access deployments with local (vs web) deployments. So the content, examples and code provide invaluable guidance for Access 2013 client/server solutions.

EARLY REVIEW: "I have to say that you have surpassed yourself with the Access Programmer's Reference this time.  Very, very nice.  I usually use books like that for reference, to look up stuff when I have a question, but in this case I have literally been reading it in large chunks and finding it hard to put down.  Especially the new Access 2010 functionality, I have already learned heaps.
So thanks a lot for that, I just wanted to let you know that I am mighty impressed with this one. :-) "   Steve Schapel, Access MVP

  Our Book on Database Models!
Microsoft Access Small Business Solutions, : State-of-the-Art Database Models for Sales, Marketing, Customer Management, and More Key Business Activities
Written by an unparalleled  team of Access MVPs-
Co Authors:   Teresa Hennig, Truitt Bradly,
Larry Linson, Leigh Purvis and Brent Spaulding
Contributors and Tech Editors:  Jerry Dennison, George Hepworth and Doug Yudovich;

Tech Editors:  Arvin Meyer and Armen Stein

Limited Time Offer for a Free Chapter
Chapter 4, People, Organizations, Addresses   
(provided by Wiley Publishing, who retains the copyrights for this work.)

Arguably the most comprehensive compilation of guidance and database models available. In addition to the printed material, the companion CD provides 76 files, including 31 databases.
An invaluable resource for the business person -- those who know their industry but may not have experience with Access. With this book, they can design a custom database with confidence! The book is also full of amazing tips that will give experienced developers an edge, especially when expanding into new areas. Plus, the Bonus Resource database is filled with tools and tips that can be incorporated into your projects - and become the foundation for your custom toolbox.

Learn how to design properly normalized database models for dozens of business applications.   -- ORDER HERE! 

I love your books. I have them all.
RibbonX 2007 helped me creating stunning ribbons for my Access applications.  Mudhafar  July 2010

 RibbonX  Customizing the Office 2007 Ribbon
By  Robert Martim, Ken Puls, Teresa Hennig    

Order NOW from Amazon

The best book on the subject ... and the content is still valid for 2013!

From the fundamentals through complete examples for Access, Excel and Word, this book provides the information and walks you through the steps to customize and create Ribbons in all three programs.

Limited Time Offer for a Free Chapter
Chapter 17 - Security in Microsoft Office

(Provided by Wiley Publishing, who retains the copyrights for this work.)
Although written primarily for 2007, most aspects apply to 2010 and 2013, plus several areas are applicable to Office 97 through 2003.

More excellent tips on working with Excel, visit site of co-author Ken Puls, Excel MVP.

Calendar Year Dues ... 
Demonstrate your support and appreciation ...
Still only $30 each and voluntary!
Join BOTH groups for only $45!

Since we started collecting dues, neither group as ever imposed a dues increase!!!
Please support your groups by becoming a paid member and VOLUNTEERING  ;~S
Members only drawings, downloads, software, reviews and more.



Seattle Access Group Meeting
Third Wednesday  -- hosted at Redmond
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               April 16th 2014
Upsizing to SQL Server - by Willie McClure, Datarim, April 16, 2014
How to upgrade an Access backend to SQL server while keeping your frontend more or less intact, including the ramifications of linking, naming conventions, maintenance and data transfer.
In addition to sharing his expertise and techniques, Willie is creating some helpful utilities that will be available for attending members.  SOOOOO, you’ll definitely want to stay tuned and join our second session for the demos of tools.

Willie has been using Access since 2.0 and has more than 35 years in the computer industry. He founded Datarim, Inc. in 1998 to provide computer technology, database, and information needs to meet increasing demand for specialized business technology services.  He continues to be involved in every aspect of Datarim's software development and professional services and has created much of Datarim's product line using Access, SQL and Visual Basic. Visit and you can see examples of past projects in the custom solutions section.

Willie specializes in data conversion, warehousing, user interfaces, utilities and API interfaces and is currently available for consulting opportunities. Join us Wednesday to meet Willie and glean valuable tips as he shares his experiences, expertise, and tools.

Please RSVP so that we can ensure adequate seating and refreshments.
Live Meeting Session ...  Please pre-register with Teresa RSVP for Live Meeting
         Wednesday's session will start between 6:20 and 6:30 --

                  Please … share the newsletter and invite your co-workers and friends to join us. 

 Receive SAG Newsletters

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  Meeting Location
  Cafe for Building 40

Directions: From SR 520 Eastbound ... 
Exit NE 40th, Turn RIGHT onto NE 40th, and move into the far right lane. Turn RIGHT onto 156th NE - heading South. 
Turn RIGHT onto NE 31st.
Turn LEFT onto the access road for
Buildings 41 and 40
Turn RIGHT into the parking garage
As you walk from the garage, Building 40 is on the RIGHT and the Cafe is the single story building in the middle. Walk the length of building 40, to get to the side entrance of the cafe.

Meetings are in the STEPTOE Room in the Cafe. The entrance is on the right side, by building 40. The meeting room is immediately to the right.

Map of Campus area including Building 40
Diagram of Cafe and Buildings 40 and 41

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   Pacific Northwest Access Developer Group

Third Wednesday  -- hosted at Redmond
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                           April 16th
                     Show and Share
    Your Favorite Tools and Techniques  

                        --  so bring YOUR demos!!!

YOU asked and you shall receive …  this is YOUR time to share your favorite tool, technique, add-in, template … To pre-schedule your demo, please email  … We’ll also save time for impromptu demos -- So please bring your laptops and files so that others can learn from your experiences.

Send Automated Emails without Security Warning By Vicki Schweickart
One of the things we appreciate most about building applications in Access is the ability to integrate easily with other Microsoft Office applications.  It is possible to create very powerful business solutions that can have a huge impact on efficiency and accuracy. A single click can generate emails with subject lines, distribution lists, messages and attachments that are tailored for each recipient.  One challenge when integrating with Outlook is sending email messages automatically, without having a user there click "OK" when the security message pops up: "A program is trying to automatically send email on your behalf. Do you want to allow this?"  This presentation will highlight a third party tool called vbMAPI that can be integrated directly into your Access project and will allow you to interface with Outlook without using the Outlook Object Model - thus avoiding the dread security message.

Vicki is a freelance developer specializing in business solutions for small companies and start-ups.

Custom Upsizing Tools -- From Access to SQL Server, by Willie McClure
As follow-up to his presentation on preparing and upsizing to SQL Server, Willie will share some custom tools that he has created to more efficiently and consistently work through the upsizing process.

 Other topics and presenters to be announced on Wednesday  -- 
It’s time to Show n Share - so bring your laptop and files.

Please RSVP  so that we can ensure adequate seating and refreshments.
Remote viewing will be available by advanced registration. Use email link:
**Volunteers needed to monitor/manage the LiveMeeting comments and questions.
Contact Teresa~!

    Please … share the newsletter and invite your co-workers, Friends and students to join us. 

Would YOU like to Share Your Experience and Expertise?
 Send an email to Teresa and get scheduled for our next Developer Demos event?

                 Receive PNWADG Newsletters
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Usability Studies  (Return to TOP)

Immediate Opportunities for Microsoft User Research Studies

Are you a business professional? Microsoft wants to hear from you!
Microsoft User Research conducts end-user research on all Microsoft products. Sign up to be contacted for user research studies that match your experience and interests, and help impact the future of Microsoft technology.

New opportunities not limited to Microsoft usability studies. Please email Teresa if you would like your contact info forwarded to the recruiter.                              
                                                                                                        (Hot List)



Community Champion

  Profile & Photo

“The purpose of the INETA Community Champion Award program is to recognize individuals with the highest levels of contributions. Those exceptional leaders and volunteers who devote innumerable hours towards hosting user group meetings, ...”



Community Credit
Teresa Hennig

for her commitment and contributions
to the developer community. May 2009.

More info soon at Data Dynamics Northwest.

The purpose of this site is to enhance our user group communications, share information about Access and provide links to relevant resources.
Access users and developers will want to stay tuned as we continue to demonstrate how to integrate Access with .NET and other applications.
Our meetings are welcoming forums for networking, sharing and learning.
Join us for fun, informative evenings.

Items of Immediate Interest - and more!! (return to top)

Office 365 University --- 4 year subscription only $79.99  ($1.67/month!) - (Sept 2013)
The latest Office applications on up to 2 PCs or Macs, 2 mobile devices, plus virtually anywhere access,   Includes SkyDrive and Skype … and ACCESS!!  Yes - this includes Access.
Choose where Office is installed at any time during your 4-year subscription.

Right Click Context Menus - Creating Custom Command Bars (Sept 2013)
- Add-in Express provides a free tool that allows you to view available commands and place them on custom command bars (aka popups, toolbars …)
You will likely find Microsoft’s  help file to be an invaluable resource.
Office Fluent User Interface Control Identifiers

Code Magazine - Free One Year Subscription for UG Members     (Aug 2012)
Code Magazine has generously offered user group members a FREE one year subscription --- to the magazine, online article, resources, connections and more. 
When you subscribe, you will have a short questionnaire.
PLEASE remember to say that you learn of this from "Other" and enter either PNWADG or SAG
Subscribe using one of the following links -- Our groups are already setup, so you can proceed with your registration ...  PNWADG   or   SAG  

                                                                                                   (Hot List)


Links, Tips and Downloads and More ...

Mr Excel – Excel tips and support; Learn Excel from Bill Jelen  (May 2012)
MrExcel represents an entire community of Excel power users how are sharing their expertise, experiences and time through blogs, podcasts, tips, forums and links to a wealth of other reference materials.  Among the links you’ll find Bill Jelen’s podcasts and books – including several that can be invaluable tools in Access projects – such as the random number selector.  Visit the website, and check out the blog and videos.

Rick Fisher's Find and Replace
(May 2011)
Rick's tool will search through the design elements, such as the table and field names and modules (not the data). It can change the names of objects throughout the entire database. Version 9.0 works with Access versions from 2000 through 2010. Visit Rick's site for more details and the download.


Doug Steele's Web Site (May 2011)
Access MVP and author of “Access Solutions” shares tips and links to other resources on his website. 

Optimize Access when using ODBC data source
(May 2011)
Article referred to in George Hepworth's presentation April 2011 on DNS Less data connections. KB286222

PrimoPDF – The World’s #1 free PDF Creator -
at least according to them. (July 2008)
PrimoPDF offers both a free and professional version that will work with Windows 98 through Windows Vista and can work with over 300 file types. Willie really likes PrimoPDF for client installations because it is remarkably simple and leaves a VERY SMALL footprint. Let me know what you think.

Virtualization Via HyperV 

Are you ready? Are you hyped?  We’ve been talking about it and our launch presentations will cover some of the key features and benefits. And NOW ... Microsoft has released Hyper-V for Windows Server 2008! Read more   

SecureAble - What can Your Processor do? (July 2009)
A great tool that identifies some key features and capabilities of your processor chip, such as the bit length, if the memory can store non-executable files, and how it will support hardware virtualization.  Did I mention it is free?  Learn more and get the free download.

Tips & Tricks – Webcasts and Podcasts from the Experts
Microsoft Webcast Home provides links to valuable resources from the experts. These webcasts and podcasts include great tips, lessons, recommendations and other invaluable tidbits. and ... it’s FREE!
 Access 2003 Solution Center
This is a great starting point to find solutions, downloads, current topics and links to the latest updates.
Free online Training –
Check out the courses and send comments and send me an email to suggest additional modules!
             21 courses for Access 2007
                 18 courses for Access 2003

For additional and past postings check pages for Links, Downloads, etc
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CIPS Connections    

Teresa Hennig, Access MVP
interviewed by Stephen Ibaraki. FCIPS, I.S.P., DF/NPA, CNP, MVP

Teresa's thoughts and recommendations for user groups, developers, managers and businesses in general.


Interview Response

... You provided an incredible contribution Teresa!

The very fine interview clearly demonstrates your passion, experience, insights, commitment, dedication ... It's also evident that you spent considerable time in thinking about and providing your responses. Your hard work and focus on value is very much appreciated. In fact, I feel so inspired by your efforts!

Thank you for taking the time and special care with the interview and sharing your considerable insights with the world. You are a very talented and gifted person who touches the lives of so many.

Moreover, you are making a significant historical contribution to our society, industry, and profession.

The world is like spiders web, you touch one corner and the whole thing shakes.
And such is your personal vision, voice, and work -- you touch all of us and impact our vision and lives for the future.

Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP, DF/NPA, CNP


From My  Client ...
May 4, 2007

Teresa,      "This could not have been any truer!"

I also have time for my clients. Actually, I'm as passionate about my clients and their projects as I am about my groups. As a consultant, I am incredibly fortunate to get to work on projects from a wide spectrum of industries. Every project provides new challenges for finding ways to manage data, streamline and automate. Understanding my client's industries, operations and needs, I feel like I'm their partner and it is important to provide cost effective solutions. With the savings and benefits, my solutions typically pay for themselves in a matter of months. My biggest reward is knowing that I truly made a difference.

"I am EXTREMELY PROUD OF YOU and equally happy! WOW!!!"
C. DiFranceisco
America First Search & Abstract, Inc.



Seattle Access Groups members are offered a 10% discount on FMS products.

  Supporting .NET User Groups

   10% discount to members!     
Edge Tech Corp is a leading memory supplier. EDGE sells 100% compatible Dell Memory and other DRAM upgrades. EDGE also offers flash drives and portable hard drives.


               What it Means to be an Access MVP

Thank you for sharing your passion and expertise and invigorating communities globally ... 

 Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft
My thanks to the Access community for helping me to earn such a prestigious award ... for eight consecutive years. 2006-through 2014.
                                  Certificate             MVP Page


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Hosted and Maintained by Teresa Hennig, Access MVP ;-)